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Runes How They Are Used

2021-04-10 15:26


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Runes How They Are Used

According to legend, they were discovered by the god Odin who disclosed them among his people as a symbol of knowledge and recognition of all the mysteries of t


 how to use them


How They are Preserved

Runes are kept in a black or red bag.
Runes are powerful symbols of energy, and in addition to divination they can also be used as effective talismans





The Talismans



Focus on what you want to achieve and positively charge the Talisman whenever you feel the need..





wealth, success in business




gives the ability to wait for the right moment to act. Timing.




protects initiatives such as travel and births




attira il meglio delle situazioni, fortuna




helps in times of change




brings abundance and material goods




brings luck to those who want a child or have to take a competition




it helps in moments of distrust, giving hope and strength to act




protection against enemies




luck in love, given on February 14, its power is amplified




kept in the wallet attracts abundance



How They Are Used




Extract a single Rune


In the morning, to get an idea of what to expect from the day, ask the Runes: “What will happen today? "Then extract a rune from the bag and read the wish.





Extract Three Runes


To get a yes or no answer to a specific question, extract 3 runes and read them in sequence.

If all the runes are positive we have a very favorable response, if all three are reversed the answer to our question is negative, if we have two positive out of three the answer is still positive. The third rune, the negative one, however, indicates the difficulties and what must be done in order to have maximum success.

The three extracted Runes can also be read in another way; the first gives a real picture of the situation, the second tells us what to do and how our attitude should be and the third tells us what will happen.




Estraete cinque rune


The first Rune talks about the past and tells us what caused the current situation.

The second Rune indicates the present, and the eventual problem if it exists.

The third Rune tells us the final result. Within three months, what is revealed by the other four Runes will happen

The fourth Rune indicates the help you can expect to receive (from others, from yourself).
The fifth tells us which aspect of the problem must be accepted and cannot be changed.



Extract seven runes


With seven runes you can see the events that happened in the past and what will happen in the future. The future is nothing more than the fruit of our previous actions. Action always corresponds to a reaction.

They should be read like this:

The first and second indicate a question

The third and fourth fourth are the factors of the past which are the cause

The fifth and sixth sixth are warning runes, those that help us to modify things or actions on which we must intervene.
The seventh Rune then gives us the result.

Based on what the Runes tell us, we know how we should act.




Meaning of the Runes


24 Runes divided into 3 groups of 8 Runes, called Aettir (Aett in the singular).

three Aettir are:




Freya's Aett contains the most archaic symbols, linked to the life of the first breeders and cultivators: the first three runes (Fehu, Uruz and Thurisaz) concern the themes of survival, the second three (Ansuz, Raido and Kenaz) are characterized by search for the meaning of existence through the intellect and experience, the last two (Gebo and Wunjo) are aimed at realization in the world and happiness.


FEHU, FEO o FEH -   Evolution.

It represents the beginning of the cycle of creation. Success, work that bears fruit It is the rune of abundance, but wealth and success come because they are deserved. It does not therefore indicate unexpected gains or successes, but the result of an effort. It indicates that something has been achieved thanks to one's own strength.

Fehu encourages us to continue, not to break down, because success is near. Satisfaction, goals achieved, good business, luck .. In reverse, with positive runes, it indicates obstacles and delays, while with negative runes it portends material loss, problems in maintaining the current financial level. If the neighboring runes are negative, they warn that it is better not to get too involved in a love situation that will bring only sorrow.



URUZ o UR  -     Promotion, destiny, fate

It represents the bull in its warrior power and rage, the primordial instincts, courage, steadfast will, vital energy, the ability to fight against all adversities. It indicates that the consultant must have confidence in himself and that he must not allow anyone to dominate him.

Positive rune for health because it outlines a good psychophysical state, recovery after an illness. With tenacity, willpower and perseverance you will come to success, improvements and changes at work and in finances, promotion or new career. With positive runes it happened sure.
Reverse: lack of willpower, a good opportunity escapes, a tendency to be guided by others. Poor health or disease is on its way. For an oncoming man sexual problems. If there are positive runes, positive change is coming while, with negative runes, the change will be unpleasant.



THURISAZ, DORN o THURS -Thorn, protection, spell, magic, enchantment.

Protect yourself, not only from enemies, but also from the temptation of excessive ambition; Thurisaz signals uncertainty, discouragement, a wound that is reopened, potential blocks, a slowdown phase, but also the unexpected stroke of luck.

It may indicate the need to make an urgent decision, especially in relationships, whether they are love or financial, but also that at this moment it is better not to act, because the forces in the field are stronger. Close to favorable runes Thurisaz is protection against enemies, but also warns of possible enemies.



ANSUZ, AS o ASS  - The mouth, communication.

Ruled by Mercury, it is the rune of communication, especially teachers and students; it can in fact indicate academic successes in an exam, job interview, confrontation with a person, or in a love skirmish. If this rune comes out, you have the opportunity to convince, to take hold of the other with your words.

Unexpected interviews, or a person expects a response from us. Ansuz warns that a visitor can be expected to arrive.
Reverse: You will be told a lie. Problems in studies, an exam that does not go well. Close to negative runes it can indicate bad advice, deceptions, suggests prudence in dealing with others.



RAIDO, RIT, RAD o REID - Rotate, travel, move.

It represents movement, action, a journey to be undertaken or a new road to travel but also to send and receive messages. A succession of events can lead you to change direction, to make sudden decisions. It also indicates returning to a good path after overcoming some problems.

A trip may be necessary, perhaps a business trip, but also a decisive action on your part, your position. Raido is a rune that indicates immediate action, and can indicate order after chaos but also sacrifice.
Reverse: unpleasant journey or arrival of an unwelcome person. Caution.



KENAZ, KAN o KEN - Torch, healing, hidden thing. Positive rune, it helps "healing" in all its aspects: from business difficulties to health problems. Rest, purification, transmutation.

Positive turnaround in the situation that matters to the consultant. Defeat difficulties with unexpected help.

New possibilities open up, but Kenaz is also in favor of love because it signals the arrival of a new relationship.
On the other hand: losses, the end of a love affair or the dissolution of society. Close to the runes Berkana or Inguz (both Aett of Tyr) heralds a pregnancy. Creativity, artistic talent, inspiration, brilliant ideas, happy intuitions.




- Gift, generosity, magic formula. Meeting, wish for marriage and union both in the affective field and in the business one. It has deep esoteric meanings due to the corresponding figure.

It means receiving or giving a gift, a surprise, favorable news, generosity, hospitality offered or received.

Gebo symbolizes the gift also intended as talent.

The querent has skills to exploit. It can symbolize an agreement reached either of a legal or commercial nature, but also the newfound harmony after a quarrel. He also indicates marriage. Gebo is one of the most favorable runes. Any ongoing venture will be successful.

Always positive rune, it has no negative meanings.


WUNJO o WYNJA - Joy, enlightenment, prayer, grace. Luck, health, wealth and happiness can come from many sources.

It is the rune of joy because it symbolizes the fulfillment of wishes. It also indicates the satisfaction you feel after building something, pride in something well done.

Professional opportunities or profitable business relationships. New friendships, more lively social life. Happy and fulfilling romantic relationships. Good news arrives.
Reverse: period of crisis and delays. Don't make important decisions for the future. A partner could double-cross.



AETT OF HEIMDALLHeimdall's Aett refers to the "Great Trials of Life", necessary to forge character, and to get in touch with the profound meaning of existence: the relationship with death, (Hagalaz) with the pain of loss, (Nauthiz ) with emptiness, (Isa) with the ability to be reborn from one's ashes, (Jera) to descend into the depths of the unconscious (Eihwaz) to penetrate through the central mysteries of love, (Perthro) to contact the spiritual dimension (Algiz ) and finally being able to face in the fullness of choice (Sowulo) the last phase of the path, Tyr's Aett, which is the last phase of life.




- Hail, vision, solving a mystery, breaking. An unsolved problem reappears, a past story knocks on the door.

What we have not solved returns to worry us. Hagalaz suggests that we must make a change, make a decision that is perhaps bitter, but necessary.

It announces inevitable changes, perhaps resulting from a mistake from the past. Nature rules Hagalaz, a rune that represents the immutable forces that we must accept. It announces rupture, in any form. If he comes out next to Wyrd, the white rune, fate gets in the way. Unexpected events, coincidences that open new curtains, events over which we have no control. Negative rune that announces a natural event such as a birth or a death.




- Spirituality, inner fire always burning, research. Enlightening visions and the ability to control emotions.

Life subject to rapid changes. Necessity, need, lack of something. On the question posed there is a limitation, an impediment, even if not insurmountable.

Nauthiz points out that great caution is needed to carry out the plans. The forces of destiny are at work, but the querent must not hinder them with head shots or rash actions. Action or hasty judgment, impatience can lead to failure.



ISA, IS o ISS - Manifestation, worship, moonlight, conservation. It is the rune of static, stagnation, delay, isolation. At the moment it is not possible to change the order of things and what the consultant wants can be subject to slowdowns and delays. If there are projects underway or if something needs to be undertaken, it is better to wait for a more favorable period.

It can also indicate that the path will be blocked by an obstacle. In a question of love: cooling of the relationship, detachment, rethinking. Betrayals by those who ask.


JERA, JARA o GER - Harvest, justice, sacred fire. It symbolizes the harvest of what has been sown. Successes in business, in study, in courtship. Credit collection, compensation for damages, acknowledgments. Regardless of which sector of life the question refers to, Jera heralds a change for the better, the end of a dark period.

But the events will not be forced. Jera demands patience. Things will happen in due course. Jera indicates that you will reap the rewards of your labor, which are understood in both a negative and a positive sense. Crimes committed in the past are now being punished. It represents the seasonal cycle, and heralds changes in work or partners. Jera also indicates legal issues, also seen under the bureaucratic aspect.



- Cosmic tree, discover something hidden in the earth, resurrection. Even though it was the rune of death, Eoh does not announce any unfavorable events. It symbolizes perseverance that defeats all interference, negative influences.

The consultant will be able to evaluate clearly even in the most convoluted situation.

In unfavorable circumstances, Eihwaz is a good sign because events can turn in favor, thanks also to the help of a friend. Get up and start over. Thanks to its lunar influence, Eihwaz empowers you to overcome adversity that will ultimately turn to your advantage. Resolution of a suspended matter. Old conflicts, unpleasant situations can be clarified.




- Game of Fairies, fate, prophecy. Foretells a revelation.

Mysteries, lies, secrets, gossip, envy. A secret will be revealed to you or you will come into possession of something long lost.

Unexpected rewards may be on the way. Indicates the closure of a cycle.

Reverse: unpleasant surprise, don't lend money, sexual problems. It can refer to a secret that must not be revealed, to a chatter that is harmful to the querent, unpleasant secrets that one becomes aware of. The rune suggests not to participate in strange, unknown, uncertain situations. Better not to lend money, not to play, not to hang out with bad company. Breaking of friendships. Secrets hidden by the partner or you discover something about the partner.


ALGIZ, EIWAZ o ELHAZ Reverse: unpleasant surprise, don't lend money, sexual problems. It can refer to a secret that must not be revealed, to a chatter that is harmful to the querent, unpleasant secrets that one becomes aware of. The rune suggests not to participate in strange, unknown, uncertain situations. Better not to lend money, not to play, not to hang out with bad company. Breaking of friendships. Secrets hidden by the partner or you discover something about the partner.

If there is an obstacle, an impediment, the rune indicates that the consultant will notice it instinctively. Algiz keeps troubles away, but it can also indicate the arrival of love. However, if he comes out near Peorth, there is a tendency to be deceived or signals the possibility of deception.




- Symbolizes the sun.

It predicts full success, guarantees good health and the return of vital energies. Sun, protection from the supernatural world, success. Big business wins, or overwork. The consultant, with regard to the question, can continue on his way, confident of reaching the objectives.

Sowulo, in its graphic representation, looks like lightning. Another sign of energy, of great physical and mental strength. The consultant can sweep away every obstacle in an instant. The rune, however, also warns against the waste of energy, which if channeled in a single direction causes tension. Vary your activities. Attention to self-centeredness and lack of consideration for others.



The Runes that are part of the last Aett, that of Tyr, represent the concrete realization of the knowledge acquired in the previous Aettir and the overcoming of individual positions to access the collective dimension of the family, society and the human community, therefore the management of power in tune with cosmic laws, (Teiwaz) love, intimacy and balance in the couple relationship, (Berkana) collaboration with other human beings (Ehwaz), universal brotherhood (Mannaz), the responsibility of belong to civil society (Laguz), to contribute to the future of the planet through children, family, community and society (Inguz), to purify oneself, the planet and humanity from the negative influences of one's genetic inheritance and previous lives (Othila) and to come to the understanding of God through enlightenment and fulfillment of the spirit (Dagaz).



- The deity of the bright sky and father of the Gods, curse, witchcraft, magical pacts, motivation. It symbolizes the competitive spirit, courage, but also the recklessness that makes us act without thinking. Strong motivation is associated with great willpower.

You will face difficulties without giving up.

If Teiwaz comes out with negative runes, be careful not to throw yourself into a business without thinking, Tyr can also indicate a great sexual energy, an infatuation. A story can be born on the wave of physical attraction.



- Birch, the tree sacred to the moon, beginning of the year starting from the winter solstice after the great cold. It can indicate a pregnancy, a birth in the family, a marriage, a union that is consolidated.

It is the rune of growth and generation, therefore it indicates the birth of something.

The birch was the tree of regeneration and literally represents the concept of mother and child and, in a metaphorical sense, having and cultivating new ideas. An idea can be born, a winning project, or on the consultant's horizon there is a new beginning, new contacts, an engagement. Bar also regulates the relationships between parents and children, indicating harmony in the family or the return of harmony. Rune of birth and symbol of fertility, of the mother and of the angel of the hearth. With negative runes possible family problems, infertility, illness. Recommend to consult your doctor.


EHWAZ o EH - The horse, omen, advancement. Change for the better. It is the rune of collaboration. It indicates that the obstacles will be overcome and the goals achieved thanks to the help and advice of loved ones. It symbolizes trust, fidelity, the sacred bond of friendship. It favors common projects, companies, collaborations.

 The horse represents journeys, and the runes extracted together with Ehwaz will indicate the nature of the journey. On the sentimental level: long-lasting, stable relationship, full understanding in the couple.



MANNAZ, MAN o MADR - The generation of man and woman, the world of the afterlife, intelligence. Help at your fingertips. Indicates an independent, touchy, stubborn spirit, who prefers to act alone, rather than trusting others, signals stubbornness, the refusal to listen to advice, help or points of view other than one's own.

Man advises not to isolate oneself, not to close in a shell. You will receive advice from a professional, lawyer or doctor. People who share the same ideals and who come together to promote a positive cause.


LAGUZ o LAGU - Water, magical initiation, evoking spirits, prophecy, intuition.

Indicates flair, imagination, imagination, great intuition, foresight. The consultant has considerable psychic skills, good memory, emotional intelligence, and must exploit his ability to judge, imagination and intuitive abilities.

Laguz also indicates upcoming news, revelations, intuitions and sudden inspirations that will help to get out of a problem, premonitory dreams. The ocean is the immense sea under which the world of the dead, Hades, is hidden. When Laguz comes out, you have to pay attention to the dangers of life. Living mind, intuition and intelligence, artistic nature. Take immediate action to resolve a problem.


INGUZ o ING - Protection of the family union.

This rune indicates that it is time to remove a weight from the soul, after which you can start over with new energy and new ideas.

It can also mean the sense of liberation you feel after reaching a goal or taking a load off your shoulders.

It is a positive rune that announces the end of a cycle and the beginning of another better one. If Inguz comes out, something important, favorable, can happen that changes life for the better. A new opportunity or the end of a problem. It also indicates news from abroad, the arrival of distant people, reunification with a person. Meeting of two soul mates. Very positive rune, and only with a lot of negative runes indicates failure. The end of a phase of life and the beginning of a new period, a period of positive energy and luck.



- Last guardian of the threshold. It is the rune of property, of material goods, therefore it predicts happy solutions for all questions of money, work, economic interests.

If there are financial problems, they will be solved. If there are family disputes for inheritance, bequests, expenses, the consultant will see his interests protected.

It can also indicate the arrival of money, improved lifestyle or good investments. It is the end of the journey and the entry into the kingdom of the Gods, a new path of spiritual life coming, an enlightenment. Close to negative runes, however, heralds an economic problem.



DAGAZ o DAG - Day in its completeness, transformation. It symbolizes the indomitable willpower, which does not back down at nothing and which carries on projects until success.

Health, well-being, vitality and character strength to overcome any obstacle. It concludes the initiatory cycle and the cycle of generation.

Meditation, magic mirror, omen, witch, ghost. Inheritance, money. If changes come, they will be for the better. Dagaz suggests, if you have to make a decision, that you have to look at the situation from another point of view, or that by changing your attitude the situation could improve.
Reverse: delay and frustration. Person immobile on his positions, mean and closed. With positive runes it indicates possible success, although not at this time. Be patient.



WIRD - It is the Rune of Karma, of Destiny.

The white rune (it has not engraved any letter of the runic alphabet on it), the rune of destiny, of chance, of fate that decides according to one's whim. If it comes out during divination, it signals that you don't have to worry or ask too many questions.

The question does not depend on your will.

Suddenly, the solution will come unexpectedly.

If you read the Runes for an absent person, it indicates that we are not allowed to ask for information about them. Unexpected situation coming. The solution to our question is in the hands of Fate and we can do nothing but wait. It also indicates that we are continuing on the path of our personal elevation.

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