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Sole proprietorship Rosanna Berti

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"Rosanna Berti"


I hope the love for animals is reflected in the quality of my 'little dogs', small sculptures created entirely by me. The My Pet line provides for each reproduced breed, ring, braccialet, pendant, earrings, keychain and cufflink; if some items are not present in the shop, it is only because for a small craftsman it is very complex to be able to produce, photograph and upload many products to the page in a single step; if you want a ring, bracelet or other that is not yet among the options of your favorite breed, contact me to order it, if your puppy's breed is not present, send me a message to suggest it.

NewCondition 60.00
In Stock
akita-inu-anello akita-inu-anello akita-inu-anello akita-inu-anello akita-inu-anello
NewCondition 60.00
In Stock
akita-inu-bracciale akita-inu-bracciale akita-inu-bracciale akita-inu-bracciale
NewCondition 60.00
In Stock
akita-inu-ciondolo akita-inu-ciondolo akita-inu-ciondolo akita-inu-ciondolo akita-inu-ciondolo
NewCondition 120.00
In Stock
akita-inu-orecchini akita-inu-orecchini akita-inu-orecchini
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