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Rough Haired Dachshund argento,bassotto,bassotto pelo ruvido,cane,cani,ciondolo,made in Italy

NewCondition 60.00
In Stock

Rough Haired Dachshund Pendant, in 925 / 000 silver handmade in my workshop, reproduced with the lost wax technique. The pendant is equipped with a 925 / 000 silver chain. NApproximate measurements W 190 mm H 100mm

Rough-haired dachshund pendant Rough-haired dachshund pendant Rough-haired dachshund pendant rough-haired-dachshund-pendant

All my creations are made entirely by me, they are handcrafted, therefore they will never be perfectly identical to each other, and for the unavailable products it will be necessary to wait a while, up to 20 days; yes I know, they are slow, but soon and well they don't go together.

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for any clarification or further information, message me on whatsapp; even if you wish to purchase or book a collection in the store, without having to provide the requested data on the procedure with the cart, you can contact me in the way you prefer.

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