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packagin my petfrench bulldog keychainfrench bulldog earrings

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French  Bulldog


Funny, with a playful and stubborn temperament, the French bulldog is a pocket-sized ' Molosser 'whose origins, contrary to what one might think, are mainly

English. It is the companion dog par excellence, affectionate and curious, he will follow you to check what you are doing, so he is a perfect babysitter; beware of the water, he is not a good swimmer.

The My Pet line for each breed reproduced includes a ring, bracelet, pendant, earrings, key ring and cufflinks,

if some items are not present in the shop it is only because for a small craftsman it is very complex to be able to produce, photograph and upload many products to the page in a single step; if you want a ring, bracelet or other, that is not yet present among the options of your favorite breed, contact me to order it, if your puppy's breed is not present, send me a message to suggest it.


Akita Inu,  Poodle,  Dachshund,  Haired Dachshund Tough,  Long Haired DachshundFrench BulldogEnglish BulldogPug, Cavalier KingChihuahuaLong Haired Chiuahua English Cocker SpanielGolden RetrieverJack RusselLabradorMaltese, German ShepherdPinscherSetterFerretCats (common European and Maine Coon)

NewCondition 145.00
In Stock
french-bulldog-keychain french-bulldog-keychain french-bulldog-keychain french-bulldog-keychain french-bulldog-keychain french-bulldog-keychain
NewCondition 60.00
In Stock
french-bulldog-ring french-bulldog-ring french-bulldog-ring french-bulldog-ring french-bulldog-ring french-bulldog-ring
NewCondition 60.00
In Stock
french-bulldog-bracelet french-bulldog-bracelet french-bulldog-bracelet french-bulldog-bracelet french-bulldog-bracelet
NewCondition 60.00
In Stock
french-bulldog-pendant french-bulldog-pendant french-bulldog-pendant french-bulldog-pendant
NewCondition 120.00
In Stock
french-bulldog-earrings french-bulldog-earrings french-bulldog-earrings french-bulldog-earrings
NewCondition 85.00
In Stock
bouledogue-francese-anello-chevalier-mignolo bouledogue-francese-anello-chevalier-mignolo bouledogue-francese-anello-chevalier-mignolo bouledogue-francese-anello-chevalier-mignolo bouledogue-francese-anello-chevalier-mignolo

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