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Rosanna Berti

There is nothing more romantic than a love story of blue blood to tell the story of a jewel.

It is said that to seal the love between the future King Edward VII and Wallis Simpson, the Duke had received a pair of platinum cufflinks with pavé diamonds on which their initials E and W stood out as a gift from his beloved.

In the pictures:

-Cufflinks in white gold, lapis lazuli and diamonds; performed with mixed techniques in my laboratory.

750/000 gold, 7.7 gr, natural lapis lazuli, huit huit diamonds for a total weight of 36 pts

Single piece. Etymologically, lapis lazuli is composed of the word lapis, which in Latin means stone, and the word lazuli, derived from the Persian lajaward, which means blue. The use of Lapis lazuli would go back to the mists of time, more than 7000 years ago. The stone has been mentioned in particular in famous myths such as that of Gilgamesh in Mesopotamia. They adorned the sarcophagi and jewels of ancient Egypt, or the ornaments of the Persian empire. There are even references to lapis lazuli in the Bible, further proof of the value of this one of a kind stone throughout the ages.

- Cufflinks in mother-of-pearl rose gold and pearls 7.7 g

-Cufflinks in white gold, mother of pearl and diamonds (0.82 ct F/G vs) 7.6 gr

-Cufflinks in rose gold with custom letters.

- Green gold and amethyst cufflinks

- Cufflinks in green gold and engraved green carnelian

-Cufflinks in rose gold and onyx

-Spheres cufflinks in rose gold

-Fiat 500 silver cufflinks

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