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Rosanna Berti

Here are some examples of emerald rings; in the execution of one of these I discover that the 40 YEARS OF MARRIAGE are the emerald wedding

Indeed it is a rare anniversary as rare is the emerald, the most popular variety of beryl despite its characteristic imperfections.

The emerald, in fact, is characterized by a usually uneven surface: its imperfections, called inclusions, further embellish it, making each stone truly unique.

Unique like the love that binds such a solid and long-lived couple: a couple who will have experienced human challenges, imperfect opportunities for closeness. But that made it what it is today.

in the pictures :

- Contrarè ring which was made in collaboration with the husband of the lucky bride who received it as an anniversary gift.  

- Ring with emerald and princess, remake of an engagement ring dating back more than twenty years ago which has been lost; we renew love by recreating it from scratch.

-Snake ring with cabochon emerald; when you have beautiful unused stones and old gold, perhaps closed in a drawer or we get rid of them, or we enjoy them by giving them a new life. This is my creation born using the materials in the possession of a customer who loves snakes and what they symbolize (for info on the symbolic meaning of the snake 👈🏻)


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