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Rosanna Berti

We owe the function of the ring associated with the wedding ceremony to the Romans; they were in fact the first to symbolically "seal" marriage with a seal on the ring, because in fact, the first wedding rings depicted two right hands in an embrace. It is a gesture of consent to the terms of the contract and confirmation of its conclusion.

From the 2nd century AD the Romans introduced a new technique, that of fretwork which spread rapidly in the Byzantine area and was also used for inscriptions with a religious background.

The "animas dulcis vivas mecu(m)" ring dates back to the 4th century and is the stylistic forerunner of modern wedding rings, where the fretwork is transformed into an engraving to seal the bond between the spouses.

Small curiosity, in the original the M of mecum did not enter the surface of the ring, I have complied with this characteristic defect

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